As part of the range of accessories required by the jewellery casting industry, Gold Star offers a range of high-quality mould rubbers. Due to precise requirements, continuous product research is being carried out to ensure Gold Star offer the very best mould rubbers to its customers.

    A key component in the manufacture of cast jewellery is injection mould rubber; typically, the rubber will either be a Natural Gum or Silicone.
    Gold Star offers an excellent Natural mould rubber called Formula 8. This product is formulated in the United States of America and has all of the attributes required in today's wax room, including excellent memory, super high-tensile strength, and the ability to produce exact fineness of detail. Formula 8 is produced in both 22.7 kilo rolls and 10 kilo boxes of strips.
    We also have Silicone rubber in both a liquid two-part and putty form, these are both easy to work and cut, require no release spray and provide high shine finish to the patterns.
    Silicone Moulding rubbers are synthetic rubber compounds especially designed for use in the lost wax casting method of making precious metal jewellery. Gold Star produces 3 types of silicone putty for wax injection of jewellery.
    ADVANCE 35+ -5 Shore A hardness, Yellow
    AQUA 40+ -5 Shore A hardness, Light Green
    MASTER 45+ -5 Shore A hardness, Blue