• Omni Cast

    세계적인 Whip Mix 의 Omni Cast 를 Gold Star Korea를 통하여 한국에 공급합니다.
    • 용도
       금 (Yellow & White Gold alloy upto 18ct
       18ct Palladium White Gold
  • For the casting of precious alloys up to 1350ºC including Palladium White Gold
    Omnicast has a reputation to be the best investment powder produced for the jewelry industry, producing castings of the highest quality and surface finish. Developed at Whipmix’s U.S.A. facility; Omnicast is manufactured using only the finest grades of raw materials, and, because of the very high percentage of cristobalite, can cast precious alloys up to 2,450º f (1350º C) including Palladium White Gold. Omnicast can withstand very demanding burnout cycles, including rapid burnouts.
    Omnicast is packed and available as follows:-
                45 kilo Fibre Drum 24 per pallet
                45 kilo Polypropylene Sack 25 per pallet
             22.5 kilo Polypropylene Sack 50 per pallet
    Mixing Instructions
    Burnout Cycles
    Normal Burnout Cycle